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7 Lies About Microblading Debunked

Hot topic, cool facts!

Like other cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, microblading also comes with a bag full of misconceptions. We at Shirani Beauty Clinic, located in North Vancouver, BC, are here to debunk a few common lies and myths about microblading being overly prevalent in the semi-permanent makeup industry, so that you know what to expect when you come to our clinic.

People usually need to learn the background of microblading before they can confuse microblading with any brow treatment. If you plan on getting microblading treatment done, you must get factual information about the procedure. We are here to dispel myths and half-truths about microblading so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this treatment is suitable for you.

1. Microblading is an eyebrow tattoo

The similarity between microblading and tattooing lies in the fact that microblading is done with a tool somewhat similar to a tattooing tool, but the similarity ends here; both are different!

Our microblading artists at Shirani Beauty Clinic, use a handheld treatment tool and manually implant the pigment into the top layer of the skin. In contrast, a tattoo artist uses a machine gun to inject the ink deep into the skin.

2. Microblading uses blades

As the name suggests, few people have the misconception that their med spa professional will be cutting their brows with a surgical blade. It's just not true! A microblading tool is a small, handheld instrument that delicately applies the pigment. Your cosmeticians at Shirani Beauty Clinic will be gentle during the treatment; the tool is not daunting.

3. Microblading is permanent

Poor understanding of the microblading procedure and linking it with the tattooing process breeds another misconception in the aesthetic market that microblading is permanent.

Well, the answer is NO!

Since the pigment is injected into the top layer of the skin only, it will fade over time and disappear naturally.

4. Microblading is painful

The idea of microblading being painful originates from the myth we discussed already—microblading is an eyebrow tattoo. The pain in the two procedures is inimitable. Tattoos are far more painful than microblading. Microblading technicians at Shirani Beauty Clinic are educated, trained, and certified. They use products like topical numbing cream to ease discomfort. The microblading pain is comparable to discomfort caused by tweezing.

5. Microblading can be done at home or nearby salon

Just because the procedure is less invasive doesn't mean anyone can do microblading at home. A clean and equipped establishment is still a requirement for the procedure. You must find an artist well-versed in the procedure to achieve desired outcomes. Otherwise, you may be unhappy with the color and shape of your brows.

Shirani Beauty Clinic in North Vancouver, BC, is licensed by the local health authorities to provide microblading and semi-permanent makeup in our facility.

6. Microblading cannot be done on oily skin

False! Microblading can be done on oily skin, but the results won't be as crisp, and they'll fade faster than usual. If you have oily skin and are stone-set on getting the treatment, you can! But you'd better avoid unrealistic expectations.

7. It rains money when you become a microblading artist

It is a misleading statement. Even though being a microblading artist is a money-spinning profession. However, it still needs a lot of practice, experience, and skill to do it professionally.

You can earn in six figures, but it takes ample time!


Microblading is a cool tweakment for both men and women. Choosing a professional and experienced microblading artist can debunk common myths and make your eyebrows look as clean and professional as possible.

After your treatment, consult the expert microblading professionals at Shirani Beauty Clinic in North Vancouver, BC for aftercare.

Book your appointment now on our website or call us at (604) 398-8868).


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