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Microblading Aftercare 101: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering microblading to add volume to your eyebrows? While microblading seems like a painful process, it’s certainly not one. Although, like any other medical treatment, you will have to tolerate a minor pain in the beginning.

Your skin's overall healing process after microblading will take anywhere between 25 to 30 days. After you receive your microblading treatment from our specially trained Shirani practitioner, you might encounter slight discomfort around the eyebrows due to the sensitivity of the skin. Additionally, you might also notice your brows get darker or lighter in the days following the treatment. Since the healing will take place over time, your eyebrows will soon start revealing their final desired color.

The highly effective results of microblading have made this service very popular among men and women who are looking to add more definition to their eyebrows or are just not happy with their current look. In this article, we want to explore how you can manage microblading aftercare and what to expect after your microblading treatment. If you’re not familiar with microblading, please go ahead and read our other article to learn everything you need to know about microblading.

Microblading Aftercare:

Once you do go for the microblading treatment, it’s important that you know the aftercare methods of this treatment. Microblading is a special procedure that takes a few weeks to heal, and therefore, it’s important that you understand the basics about microblading eyebrows aftercare.

By taking special care of your eyebrows after your microblading treatment, you can speed up the healing process. Some steps you can follow for this aftercare include:

  • No Water:

Keep the microblading area dry for at least ten days since your skin is most sensitive after these early days of treatment. To do this, you need to pay special attention to your eyebrows every time you are doing any water-related task, i.e., taking a bath, etc.

You can do that by asking someone to help you wash your hair without making the water touch your eyebrows. You can also place a towel in-between your face and hair and then bend to wash your hair yourself. This towel will absorb the water coming towards your face, and your brows will remain dry.

  • No Makeup:

Another important microblading aftercare tip is to avoid using makeup for at least a week. Since your eyebrow skin is sensitive after the microblading, makeup can be harsh on your skin.

Even if you use the most natural makeup, some harsh/harmful ingredients can affect your eyebrow's sensitive skin. So, it’s better to avoid makeup as much as possible for a week or more. Besides, the after result of fuller eyebrows is undoubtedly worth adopting this microblading aftercare tip for some time.

No Itching:

Avoid picking or itching on your eyebrow area. While your eyebrows might get irritated and itchy, try and avoid picking at scabs or itching your eyebrow area until it heals properly. Since the skin around your eyebrows is sensitive, you may harm it unintentionally with your itching desire.

Moreover, your eyebrow area may encounter scabs during its healing process. Now, it may seem like you need to pick those scabs, but DON’T! It won’t help your eyebrows nor the treatment to show its best results.


The process of microblading is a delicate process where your eyebrow area can become sensitive. Hence, you must focus on microblading aftercare to ensure that your eyebrows heal properly. Following these basic tips will surely help you properly follow microblading eyebrows aftercare. So what’s making you wait? Go ahead and try it out!

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