Eyebrow Microblading - $550

Microblading is the process of implementing pigment into the skin by the means of a sterile manual tool to create the natural appearance of hair strokes. This technique is best suited for normal/dry skin types.

Touch up - $100 (Please call the clinic to book your touch up appointment)

Eyebrow Micro Pigmentation & Shadow - $500

Micro pigmentation & Shadow was developed as a cosmetic procedure for eyebrow shaping. This procedure leaves tiny micro dots which resemble hair follicles on the scalp, filling in the balding area and giving it a full natural look. The machine used is specially designed with state-of-the-art technology and has been created specifically for scalp artistry.

Ombre Powder Brows - $500

Powder Brows is a technique done by fully shading the brows with the beginning of the brow faded into a soft ombre. This technique is perfect for those who want a brow with more definition or want a more “put together” brow. The result is to look like you have filled in your brows with powder. This technique is great for all skin types however, is the best option if you have oily skin.

Touch up - $150 (Please call the clinic to book your touch up appointment)

Blade & Shade - $550

Blade & Shade is the combination of microblading and microshading. First the foundation of the shape will be done with microblading to give the natural appearance of hairs. Second, the shading is applied by the use of a tattoo machine to gentle shade in a sheered-out pigment (same color used for microblading) to give depth and fullness in between the hair strokes. This is great for people wanting a more filled in appearance or for those who need to seamlessly blend areas that have no hair with areas that

Touch up - $150 (Please call the clinic to book your touch up appointment)

Eyebrow Decoupage & Removal

Decoupage is a correction of the eyebrow’s bad color (injection of new color into the skin and the color of the skin will not go out) but removing means removing the tattoo (dyeing out from under the skin), or doing so-called color suctioning.

Decoupage - $300 Per Session

Removal - $350 Per Session