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5 Reasons Microblading is Right for You

From the years 2009 to 2015, the amount of people getting their eyebrows microbladed has tripled. That number isn’t decreasing, either. Why? Microblading eyebrows gives people Instagram-worthy brows that still look natural. Unlike other procedures, you can’t tell the difference between good microblading and gorgeous, natural eyebrows.

So, should you book a microblading appointment? Here are 5 reasons why microblading is right for you.

1. You’ll Spend Less Time Getting Ready

You may be spending lots of time and money drawing your eyebrows to perfection every morning. The beauty of microblading is that you won’t need to do that anymore! Microbladed brows retain their size and shape so well, that you won’t even need to reapply after you go swimming or sweat after an intense workout. You may not even have to continue getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded for upkeep. So you can go ahead and hit snooze for 15 more minutes!

2. Correct Your Brows

Too many of us over-plucked our brows before we knew better. Unfortunately, that can leave your natural eyebrows looking sparse and uneven. Some people also lose their eyebrow hair due to a medical condition or treatment, such as chemotherapy, hair loss, and alopecia. If this sounds like you, you’ll love microblading. Microblading will fill in the gaps or creates a brand new brow shape. No one will be able to tell they aren’t the brows you were born with!

3. They’ll Stay the Same Color

Other types of eyebrow makeup can turn grayish or reddish over time. We don’t want that for you. Microblading pigments are specifically designed to stay the same color, even as they fade over time. No extra makeup is required to keep your eyebrows looking good.

4. No Recovery Time

Perhaps one of the best parts about microblading eyebrows is that you don’t have to wait to show off your new brows! While some eyebrow procedures require that you wear bandages to protect delicate swollen skin, your microbladed eyebrows don’t require specific patching. That doesn’t mean your eyebrows won’t need to heal, though. Your brows may seem to fade after the first few weeks while the skin heals underneath. But then they should appear fluffy and natural after the healing process is complete. The small incisions are still susceptible to infection, so you’ll need to avoid all forms of moisture and don’t pick or scratch your new brows.

5. Effects are Long-Lasting

How long does microblading last? Those who have their eyebrows microbladed say it can last anywhere from 18-30 months! That’s not bad, considering you only need to go for touch-ups when the colors start to fade. A touch-up application is less expensive and less time-intensive than another microblading procedure. You can lengthen the life of your microbladed brows by wearing SPF, avoiding harsh exfoliants, and avoiding sun exposure.

Once you experience microblading, you’ll never want to go back. Perfect brows will boost your confidence and save you money and time. Who could ask for more? Book an appointment with Shirani Beauty Clinic to get your picture-perfect brows.


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