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What makes Microshading different from Microblading?

Are you a beauty enthusiast or just want to learn more about modern facial beauty techniques? Or you yourself have a problem with your eyebrows and are seeking the expertise of a professional makeup artist? If that’s so, you have come to the right place.

At Shirani Beauty Clinic, we come with some of the most sophisticated and long-lasting techniques that will transform your look.

In this article, will discuss the popular techniques – Microblading and Microshading – that are being practiced frequently to beautify the eye-catching eyebrows.


The trend of implanting pigments in place of eyebrows by fine incisions has developed within the last 25 years in Asia. It is in popular culture that making tattoos by this technique may date back to several centuries. In Europe and the US, microblading was the most popular way for cosmetic eyebrow tattooing in 2015.

New techniques (3D, and even 6D) have also developed now.

The Difference & The Similarities:

Microblading is the tattooing procedure in which small bladed needles are used to cut and add semi-permanent pigments. In this way, the technician makes hair-like strokes that are difficult to distinguish from natural hair.

Microshading is different. It is done by using pin-like pigmentation dots, making it possible to achieve a look of powdered eyebrows.

Both techniques are used for eyebrow beautification. Their appearances may be different but the final goal is to achieve a structurally balanced outlook of eyebrows.

The Procedure:

The procedure for microblading and microshading consists of two steps. The first step includes the decision-making. How do you want your eyebrows to look? Show it to our artist! The artist may also give suggestions by looking at your facial and eye structure, and sketching the possible outcome. Which pigment suits you will also be decided.

The first step for microshading will also include the removal of excess hair.

The second step involves more practical work. What has been decided in the previous step is to be implemented now. The technician carves out your “eyebrows” using special needles and the decided pigment.

Will it be painful? Well you might experience some discomfort. it may hurt a bit more than waxing, but less than tattooing. The technician will also apply a numbing cream over your eyebrow to minimize the pain. Microblading could hurt more as it involves longer strokes.


Durability for both depends upon factors like medications, exposure to UV rays, various elements in skincare products, and the pigment quality used in the procedure. If taken good care of, microblading effects can last from one to two years. Microshading is also semi-permanent, lasting up to 6 months.

The Cost:

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The Precautions and The Side Effects:

As you plan for microblading or microshading, you should refrain from alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before the procedure to avoid bruising.

Some individuals may develop excessive redness around the eyebrow area, however, not to worry as our beauty technician, Mojgan Shirani, has over 18 years of work experience in the beauty industry with over 8 certificates from 6 countries. You can read more about Mojgan Shirani, the Founder and senior permanent makeup artist at Shirani Beauty Clinic, here.

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