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Famous Celebrity Eyebrows to Show Your Microblading Technician

Your best eyebrow shape depends on lots of different things. That includes your face shape, eye size, and personal preferences. These are all things you can discuss with the technician at your microblading appointment.

But you’ll definitely make things easier for her when you bring in inspiration photos of some beautiful eyebrows. Here are 8 famous eyebrows that will inspire your next eyebrow treatment:

1. Elizabeth Taylor

Starting the list with a classic actress, Elizabeth Taylor stood out from the crowd in the 1940s and 1950s with her amethyst eyes, jet-black hair, and full eyebrows. These days, we remember her for her classic glamour, beauty, and her thick eyebrows with a subtle arch.

2. Emma Watson

Can Emma Watson do anything wrong? The answer is no, and that includes her eyebrows. Her eyebrows are mostly straight and they taper to a fine point with a very slight arch. They bring a lot of attention to her eyes and visually lift them, making them appear larger.

3. Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka’s thick, dark eyebrows perfectly accent her large brown eyes. We love dark eyebrows on blondes. Rather than looking unnatural, the filled-in eyebrows bring out her best features. If you have blonde hair and aren’t sure if you should have brown eyebrows, look at Kiernan Shipka.

4. Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore confessed she’s bad at doing her own eyebrows, so she relies on eyebrow treatments to keep her eyebrows up. To get natural-looking eyebrows like hers, we recommend trying a Blade & Shade treatment, which gives extra depth and fullness to the eyebrow hairs.

5. Zendaya

If you want a fuller, Instagram-worthy brow, look no further than Zendaya’s eyebrows. As one of the fullest eyebrows on our list, she proves that full eyebrows don’t have to take over your face. Her eyebrows are thick with a slight arch and look beautiful on her soft heart-shaped face. We can definitely accomplish this look in a microblading appointment.

6. Lily Collins

Lily Collins had big eyebrows before it was cool. In fact, fans even created a social media account dedicated to her eyebrows. It’s safe to say her eyebrows are fashion goals.

Her eyebrows are naturally thick and bold. If you weren’t blessed with generous brow genes, you can still get the look with a BoldBrows microblading eyebrow treatment.

7. Audrey Hepburn

Many consider Audrey Hepburn to be the original eyebrow goals. It’s easy to see why, as she rocked thick, straight brows while other actresses still had very curved arches. Straight eyebrows can be very flattering, but it’s best to customize them to your face. Our microblading technicians will help you determine how to make these work for you.

8. Cara Delevingne

If I asked you: “Who made big eyebrows cool again?”, you’d probably say “Cara Delevingne,” and you’d be right. She keeps her brows thick in the front and middle, and they only taper a little bit at the end. While they sometimes range from fluffier to more sleek, you can always find her eyebrows bold and beautiful.

Big, bold brows are in, and you can get them yourself with the right eyebrow treatment. Here at Shirani Beauty Clinic, our microblading specialists can help you get the look that you want and help you find the brow most flattering for you. Book an eyebrow treatment with us today.


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