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Dos and Don’ts After Eyeliner Treatment

The second most popular semi-permanent makeup treatment is eyeliner. Flawless cat-eyes bring out every woman's sassy and classy look when done perfectly. Now that semi-permanent eyeliner treatment has become the crown jewel of the makeup industry, women getting this service cannot help wondering about the aftercare of the eyeliner procedure.

Our experts are committed to helping women feel youthful and confident with makeup that doesn't smudge or needs reapplying and skin that radiates vitality. Eyeliner artists at Shirani Beauty Clinic located in North Vancouver, BC, shed light on a few do's and don'ts after you go home with your new ink.

Read on to know the aftercare of the procedure.

Avoid eye makeup

Clients getting eyeliner treatment should avoid eye makeup like eye shadows, mascara, or false eyelashes until the eyes are healed completely. Use of serums, scented lotions, retinol products, face scrubs, or eye makeup removers on the area should also be avoided until fully healed (at least 10 days).

Rinse your eyes

Once the eyeliner treatment is over, the artist will rinse your eyes with eye drops. However, if you feel the pigment is still in your eyes, rewash the eye with eyedrops until you find that your eye is clear from pigment.

Do get some rest

Clients getting eyeliner treatment should give their eyes some rest right after the procedure. Taking things slow for the rest of the day will help deal with soreness and allow the eyes to heal.

Use ice packs to reduce swelling

Swelling after the procedure is rare. However, if you notice mild swelling, rolling some ice wrapped in a kitchen towel on your eyelids can help reduce it. You can repeat it every hour. Make sure to keep the ice moving, don't keep the ice stationery.

Don’t scratch or rub your eyes

When the eyes heal, the liner will begin to itch slightly. Be sure to pat, not scratch or rub. Rubbing increases the risk of corneal abrasion.

Don't wear contact lenses

Following the semi-permanent eyeliner procedure, wearing contact lenses should be avoided for up to 72 hours.

Avoid sun exposure or use sunglasses outdoors

Sunlight is the worst enemy of your new eyeliner treatment because sunlight causes the color to fade. Therefore, sunglasses are recommended to protect the eyes when outside.

Moisturize the treated area

Use a fresh Q-Tip, and apply a light coat of moisturizer to the treated area twice daily. Keeping the area moist during the first 5-7 days will help it hold color and heal evenly. The pigment typically fades 30-50% within the first two weeks of the procedure.

Don’t get cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic treatments like Botox, lash perms, or facials should be avoided right after the procedure.

Don’t expose your eyes to steam

Avoid activities that involve steam, like hot baths, saunas, and hot water swimming. Take quick showers to minimize prolonged exposure to steam and avoid direct or continuous downpours of water on your eyes.

Notify your service provider

Please consult experts at Shirani Beauty Clinic immediately if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Redness in or near the eye

  • Matting of the liner Pain that's getting worse gradually

  • Difficulty opening your eyes

  • Sensitivity to light

Since this procedure takes place around your eyes, finding an experienced artist is imperative to ensure a safe procedure.

Visit Shirani Beauty Clinic's Eyeliner Treatment page to book your appointment today.


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