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Is Semi-permanent Eyeliner Worth it?

If you spend a few hours in the morning sharpening and balancing your eyeliners every day, then semi-permanent eyeliner treatment provided at Shirani Beauty Clinic located in North Vancouver, can save the day.

Eyeliner treatment is for anyone who wishes to look the best at all times without worrying about smudges and smears if they accidentally rub their eyes. Semi-permanent eyeliner, also known as eyeliner treatment or eyeliner tattoo, is an incredible way to replace the daily need to wear eyeliner. All permanent eyeliners are semi-permanent due to the need for touch-ups every three to five years.

Let's explore how eyeliner treatment provided at Shirani Beauty Clinic is worth all the time and money you spend getting it, and get the hottest questions answered.

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How long do the semi-permanent eyeliners stay?

Basically, semi-permanent and permanent eyeliners are two names for the same thing. Much like other tattoos, the semi-permanent eyeliner procedure involves placing pigment underneath the first layer of the skin, and the pigment fades over time.

This cosmetic procedure can stay for five years but needs touch-ups every 2 to 3 years to maintain a fresh look and color. It is an ideal procedure for people with Alopecia to augment the eye area.

Is semi-permanent eyeliner safe?

Semi-permanent eyeliner treatment is the safest procedure for those who want fresh and accentuated eyes every morning without running short of time. This non-invasive treatment gives promising results for up to 3 years without needing touch-ups, making it a cost-effective, safe, and time-saving investment. However, if you have the following health conditions, then you should consult professional aestheticians at Shirani before proceeding:

  • History of Keloid scarring

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnant/Lactating mother

  • Have had eye procedures in the past 6 months

Contact us for more information.

Is the procedure painful?

Your aesthetician will apply a topical numbing agent on your eyelids, making the procedure painless. You might feel minor tingling as the numbing effect fades away.

How long is the downtime?

Downtime for the treatment is 4-6 weeks. After that, depending on your final color and shape, it's decided if touch-ups are needed. Following the procedure, you can expect mild to moderate swelling, redness, and bruising. In most cases, bruising subsides quickly.

Why should I consider eyeliner treatment?

It offers plenty of options to those suffering from traditional makeup allergic reactions or wanting to stay hassle-free before leaving home. Reasons why you should consider eyeliner treatment are:

  • It's convenient

  • It’s time saving

  • It doesn't smudge

  • It is an individualized treatment tailored to your specific needs

  • It is ideal for those with sparse lashes

  • It lasts for a long run

How long is the procedure?

The entire procedure is 2 hours long, including facial mapping and choosing the most suitable eyeliner for your eyes and facial features. The treatment specialist at Shirani Beauty Clinic, Vancouver, BC, will then confirm, obtain your approval, and start the procedure.

Cost of the procedure

The initial cost of the procedure is $650 for Upper Eyeliner and $200 for lower Eyeliner, followed by touch-ups costing $100. However, if you keep delaying touch-ups, the price might be slightly higher due to significant color fade.

Contact Shirani Beauty Clinic today to get an update on the exact charges.

Is the eyeliner treatment worth it?

With eyeliner treatment, you can get the best and desired outcomes without the hassle associated with them. Permanent eyeliner is an outstanding service that has recently gained tremendous popularity. The goal of having permanent eyeliner is to frame your face the way you desire while improving your most important feature, your eyes. Permanent eyeliner can help enhance your face's definition while creating a revitalized and youthful look.

Our highly trained aestheticians are available at Shirani Beauty Clinic located in North Vancouver, BC, to provide services tailored to your needs.

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