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Easy 5-Step Daily Makeup Routine

Whether you’re rushing out the door to your office or working from home, you’re pretty busy. You have to eat breakfast, shower, dress, and don’t forget to wake up extra early to exercise.

You can save yourself some time getting ready by getting microblading, an eyeliner treatment, and a lip treatment. How, you ask? Here’s how the right beauty treatments can give you the easiest morning makeup routine.

1. Apply Sunscreen

Say it with me: SPF is your friend. Sunscreen makes a really good primer for your other beauty products. It’s true! It adds moisture to your skin, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, and creates a smooth base for applying makeup on top.

But most importantly, sunscreen protects your skin. Sun rays damage skin, quicken aging, and cause fine lines and wrinkles. Sunscreen is the most effective anti-aging treatment available, so don’t be shy. Slather that stuff on!

2. Use Tinted Moisturizer

Most women fall into one of two categories: they love full coverage foundation or they prefer to wear nothing at all. There isn’t anything wrong with either of them, but let me put you onto something that’s the best of both worlds: tinted moisturizer.

Like foundation, it’ll cover minor imperfections. But the texture is lightweight, so you can easily apply it with your hands. It takes half the time to apply tinted moisturizer than it does a full foundation.

If you’re a lady who likes to wear nothing at all, I applaud you. You certainly don’t have to cover your face but consider this: tinted moisturizer doesn’t make your skin look fake. It simply evens out your skin tone while adding some moisture.

3. Brush Through Your Eyebrows

On a regular day, you don’t want to be messing with your eyebrows. They can easily take up the most time in your makeup routine, so a simple eyebrow routine is your friend. Do yourself a favor and get a microblading treatment to fill in your eyebrows.

Once you get a microblading treatment, you won’t have to fill in your eyebrows every single morning. You’ll just need to quickly brush them through. This will save you plenty of time and stress in the morning.

4. Swipe on Some Mascara

Look, I get it. There’s something so pretty about a full smoky eye or cat eye makeup look. But if you’re going for quick and easy in the morning, fully-crafted eye makeup is not going to be your friend. You can get a wide-eyed look simply by curling your eyelashes and swiping one or two coats of trusty mascara on your eyelashes.

If you really dig the eyeliner look though, get an eyeliner treatment. That way you won’t spend 10 minutes making them even.

5. Apply Lip Gloss

Sure, you could just apply chapstick, but a little extra color will bring your whole makeup look together. Glide a little pink lip gloss over your lips to look fuller and sexier.

If your lips need a little more color than that, save yourself some time and get a semi-permanent lip treatment. Then you won’t have to apply lip liner and lipstick every morning.

Are you ready to get perfect eyebrows with microblading? Or do you want to start with a lip treatment or eyeliner treatment? Contact Shirani Beauty Clinic to book your appointment today. We are located on 1221 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver.


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