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Lip Blush vs. Lip Filler—The Ultimate Showdown

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Let's explore what experts at Shirani Beauty Clinic have to say in the ultimate showdown between Lip Fillers and Lip Blush.

What is lip blush? Lip blush is a lip tattooing technique to accentuate and define your lips with semi-permanent lip color. Lip blush also helps correct asymmetry in lips and gives fullness to lips giving them improved contours and natural blush. With the help of this treatment, it is possible to rejuvenate the fading color of lips that is always an outcome of aging, sun exposure, or lack of pigment. The procedure is customized for every client's individual features and desired outcomes.

What is lip filler? Lip filler is an injectable cosmetic procedure to volumize lips and reverse the signs of aging by plumping up lips with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. A licensed nurse, doctor, or medical healthcare professional does lip fillers.

Lip Blush vs. Lip Filler They are both popular options with impactful results! However, there are a few differences we have stockpiled for you.


  • Lip Blush Lip blushing is the top beauty trend for 2022, with a search rate increased by 130%. Lip blushing is a lip tattooing technique in which your aesthetician will help you select your desired colored ink, and deposit it into the lips to enhance the color and shape of your lips. It can also give a natural effect and make lips look more contoured and fuller.

  • Lip Filler In a lip filler procedure, your doctor may use a syringe to inject small amounts of anesthetic inside your mouth to numb the top and bottom lips. When your lips are numb, your doctor injects the filler straight into your lips.

Color Correction

  • Lip Blush Lip blushing lets you customize the shade of pigment on your lips for an even appearance alongside providing a lip liner.

  • Lip fillers Lip fillers give volume to lips while maintaining the natural tint.


  • Lip blush Lip blush gives an illusion of fullness. Right after the procedure, lips look fuller due to swelling, but fullness vanishes as the swelling subsides.

  • Lip fillers Lip fillers actually volumize lips giving them a fuller and plumper look.


  • Lip blush Lip blushing provides a brighter color and straightens asymmetrical lip lines, lasting for an average of 3 years.

  • Lip fillers Symmetry and contours achieved by lip fillers are more pronounced than that achieved through lip blush. However, the results vanish after half a year.

Healing time

  • Lip blush Immediately after your procedure, you will find your lips are more pigmented than how you desired them to be. It is perfectly normal as the pigment is still sitting on top of your skin, and most of the color nearest to the top of your skin will chip off in the healing process. Your lips will fade 40%-60% once they have gone through the entire healing cycle, taking about 6-8 weeks.

  • Lip filler After getting the lip fillers, your pain should go away after 12 to 24 hours. Your swelling should also subside within a couple of days, but it may take up to 7 days. If you want lip fillers before a big event, you should schedule the procedure at least two weeks before to ensure you've completely recovered.

Conclusion At present, the lip blushing procedure is considered far better than the lip filler method. It is simply because of the following reasons:.

  1. Lip blushing is a less invasive procedure

  2. The outcome is closer to the natural look

  3. Longevity of lip blush is more than any other lip treatment

  4. It is easier to correct it in case the procedure goes wrong

We, Shirani Beauty Clinic in North Vancouver, BC, provide exceptional services and perform the best semi-permanent cosmetic procedures for all our clients. Reach out to know more about the procedures and their costs. Call us at 604-398-8868.


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