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Eyebrow Tattoos Vs Microblading: The Key Differences You Need To Be Aware Of

The aesthetic and cosmetic industry is evolving and progressing at a rapid rate. New technologies and techniques are being introduced to improve the quality of services and make them long-lasting.

Microblading eyebrows are one such aesthetic process that has been introduced in the past couple of years but has gained a lot of attraction. Despite the popularity, many people are still confused about whether getting their eyebrows microbladed or opting for a tattoo would be a better option. To address this confusion, we have listed down the major differences between tattooing and microblading.

Tattoos Last Longer:

Before going into further detail, it is important to clarify that microblading is in fact a form of tattooing. The main difference lies between the inks used and the placement of the inks.

When eyebrows are tattooed, the ink, just like any other tattoo, is placed deep inside the layers of the skin. Here the ink gets embedded permanently and does not fade or disappear after a while. However, in the case of microblading, the ink only penetrates through the top layer of the skin. Therefore, as the skin completes its lifecycle and a new later of skin replaces the old one, the ink is also affected and it starts to diminish.

Hence when comparing the lasting power, you will come to know that a tattoos eyebrow lasts longer as compared to a microbladed one. The results of microblading will only last a maximum of one to two years, while in case of getting an eyebrow tattooed, the ink will stay forever and you will not have to get it redone.

Overall Appearance:

Some people wish to get a natural look. Surely for them, opting for microblading would be the better choice. Microblading is done by hand. The aesthetician uses small and abrupt movements to try and mimic the shape and structure of a natural hair strand. Therefore, it is a much tedious and time taking process.

A tattoo on the other hand is done using an automated machine. Here the artists have little to no control over the structure of the line that is being drawn. Therefore, the result looks a lot stiffer and filled, thus, it does not resemble the natural brow hairs closely.

If your aim is to simply enhance your eyebrows and get them filled while maintaining a natural appearance, undoubtedly, microblading is the way to go for you. But if you do not mind the artificial appearance, you can also try tattooing.

Pain and Discomfort:

Some people have a higher pain tolerance while others wish to get work done with as little pain and discomfort as possible. If you are faint at heart and do not wish to experience a lot of pain, stay away from tattooing. Tattooing is a lot more painful, especially when it comes to such a sensitive area i.e. your face.

Microblading too is slightly uncomfortable, but the intensity of pain is nearly half of what you should expect while getting a tattoo.

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