Biologique Recherche is intent on understanding the messages your skin sends, in order to keep fine-tuning its treatment protocols to each Skin Instant©. Each skincare protocol is devised specifically in response to a personalized dermo-cosmetic diagnosis. Our Biologique Recherche Esthetician will customize your treatment to meet your needs and concerns of your skin instant. Using the best suited booster and products which can include manual techniques. 

Eye Treatment - $100 | 20 MIN

Lymphatic massage in the surrounding eye tissue. Decreases eye puffiness and brings brightness.

Quick Fix - $90 | 30 MIN

Cleansing and purifying skin treatment.

Oxygenating Face Massage - $120 | 30 MIN

Tention releasing facial treatment.

Epidermal Balance - $190 | 1 HR

Skin is refreshed, hydrated and toned to produce a long lasting effect. 

Skin Detox - $250 | 1 HR

Elimantes dead cells by purifying and draining

Cooling Cryo Summer Treatment - $250 | 1 HR

Soothing and calming for a radiant firmer complexion.

Deep Cleansing BR Treatment  - $250 | 1 HR

Boosts skin's radiance, purifies, and brightens complexion.

Customized Facial - $300 | 1 HR

Luminous, firming and toning treatment.

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